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PAPillows™ Help Stop Mask Leaks!

The patented design of the PAPillow helps to prevent mask leaks and sore spots - two of the biggest obstacles to successful CPAP therapy!  More »

Humidification for Extra Comfort

Adding humidification to your CPAP therapy can offer relief from dryness, burning, and congestion of the nasal passages. More »

What is an Auto CPAP?

Auto CPAPs are sophisticated devices that are able to deliver different pressures (within a set range) depending on the individual requirement of the patient's airway. This allows Auto CPAPs to deliver the necessary pressure for optimal CPAP therapy when the patient's pressure needs vary.

A prescription is required for all CPAP, BiLevel and Auto CPAP devices. Fax your prescription toll free to (866) 835-6437 Details »

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Auto CPAP Machines

ResMed S8 AutoSet Vantage w/ EPR

The S8 AutoSet Vantage™, compact without compromise, is the premium automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) model in ResMed's S8TM series. The AutoSet Vantage tailors therapy to a patient's individual needs on a breath-by-breath basis, even as pressure requirements change.  Details »

Price: $825.00

Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 420E Auto CPAP

The GoodKnight 420E Auto-CPAP System adapts to airway pressure needs on both a short and long-term basis, providing quiet, effective CPAP therapy for a wide range of prescriptions.  Details »

Price: $479.00

Respironics REMstar Auto M Series

The REMstar Auto M Series with C-Flex is an ideal flow-based Smart CPAP for use in the lab or home. Its Proactive Algorithm looks for and adjusts to the patient's need based on optimal and critical pressure levels.  Details »

Price: $659.00

Respironics REMstar Auto w/C-Flex

Utilizes systematic, subtle changes in pressure and assesses the impact of these changes on the patient’s breathing patterns. Additional analysis determines how much of a response is necessary to provide a more appropriate pressure.  Details »

Price: $599.95

DeVilbiss RPM AutoAdjust 9054D

In some cases patients require an extra measure of comfort to benefit from their sleep therapy. DeVilbiss RPM AutoAdjust CPAP units adapt to each patients needs to ensure optimal clinical benefit.  Details »

Price: $699.95

Auto CPAP Machine / Humidifier Packages

ResMed S8 AutoSet Vantage Package w/ H3i Humidifier

The S8 AutoSet Vantage, compact without compromise, is the premium automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) model in ResMed's S8 series. ResMed's HumidAire 3i is designed to provide heated humidification and form a seamlessly integrated unit when attached to the ResMed S8™ series.  Details »

Price: $1,085.00


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