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PAPillows™ Help Stop Mask Leaks!

The patented design of the PAPillow helps to prevent mask leaks and sore spots - two of the biggest obstacles to successful CPAP therapy!  More »

Humidification for Extra Comfort

Adding humidification to your CPAP therapy can offer relief from dryness, burning, and congestion of the nasal passages. More »

What is a CPAP?

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices are used in the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). These special devices provide a predetermined air pressure that splints the airway open to permit normal breathing while asleep.

A prescription is required for all CPAP, BiLevel and Auto CPAP devices. Fax your prescription toll free to (866) 835-6437 Details »

Questions? Call us toll free (877) 475-3373

CPAP Machines

Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 420G CPAP *Sale*

The smallest and lightest CPAP on the market. Designed to help active sleep disorder patients preserve their lifestyles while complying with their prescribed therapy.  Details »

Price: $255.00

Respironics REMstar Plus M Series w/C-Flex

The new REMstar Plus M Series with C-Flex offers optional integrated humidification, optional Encore Pro SmartCard capability for basic compliance and reporting, lighted controls, an easy-to-read display and the revolutionary comfort of C-Flex. This device redefines the entry-level CPAP market.  Details »

Price: $375.00

Respironics REMstar Pro M Series W/Humidifier

The REMstar Pro is convenient for travel with and without the integrated humidifier. The standard travel carry case has been updated with a new sleeker look. An optional travel pack is also available for packing the device in a suitcase.  Details »

Price: $595.00

ResMed S8 Escape CPAP

Compact without compromise, ResMed’s S8 Escape delivers ResMed superior quality and reliability in a lightweight, compact flow generator. The S8 Escape is the first CPAP system with a Personal Assistant that notifies patients when it’s time to service their device or replace their mask or accessories.  Details »

Price: $625.00

ResMed S8 Elite CPAP w/ EPR

User-friendly and versatile, ResMed’s S8 Elite is the first standard CPAP with an interactive Personal Assistant feature, which reminds patients to maintain their equipment, guides them through device interactions, and automatically backs up their compliance data.  Details »

Price: $695.00

DeVilbiss 9000D CPAP

The DeVilbiss 9000D offers a convenient touch keypad control, easy-to-read LCD display, and the small size and good looks to fit into any bedroom setting.  Details »

Price: $359.00

Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle HC604 CPAP

The SleepStyle 604, with ThermoSmart is the first CPAP in the world to constantly deliver optimal humidification with anti-rainout benefits. ThermoSmart technology offers a unique heated breathing tube  Details »

Price: $489.00

Fisher & Paykel HC234 CPAP

The SleepStyle 234 is newest model following the HC221LE Series CPAP system from Fisher & Paykel. The 234 integrated flow generator offers a greater pressure range, altitude adjustment  Details »

Price: $368.00


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