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PAPillows™ Help Stop Mask Leaks!

The patented design of the PAPillow helps to prevent mask leaks and sore spots - two of the biggest obstacles to successful CPAP therapy!  More »

Benefits of CPAP Humidification

We offer an extensive section that explains the humidification process and the benefits of using it with your CPAP therapy.

CPAP Humidification

Some patients refuse CPAP therapy because of discomfort associated with dryness, burning, and congestion of the nasal passages.

The most common problems are waking during the night because of nose and throat discomfort. Humidification is essential and has been shown to enhance therapy and increase compliance.

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CPAP Humidifiers

Puritan Bennett GoodKnight H20 Heated Humidifier

For CPAP patients experiencing upper airway dryness, Puritan Bennett offers a mist of relief with the GoodKnight H20 Heated Humidifier. Designed for use with the GoodKnight 420 Series  Details »

Price: $169.00

ResMed Humidaire 3i Heated Humidifier

ResMed's HumidAire 3i is designed to provide heated humidification and form a seamlessly integrated unit when attached to the ResMed S8 series.  Details »

Price: $260.00

Respironics REMstar Heated Humidifier

When we designed the REMstar Heated Humidifier System, we set out to create a fully integrated unit that didn't sacrifice the aesthetics and operability of the individual CPAP systems.  Details »

Price: $158.00

Respironics REMstar M Series Heated Humidifier

To make humidification a more comfortable choice, we’ve made the REMstar M Series humidifiers even easier to use. They feature a new easy to turn dial to get the right setting, and it doesn’t need to be reset during the night if the therapy is temporarily suspended. Plus, the redesigned “hidden” water chamber is easier to use  Details »

Price: $164.00

CPAPs with Integrated Heated Humidifiers

Fisher & Paykel HC234 CPAP *Sale*

The SleepStyle 234 is newest model following the HC221LE Series CPAP system from Fisher & Paykel. The 234 integrated flow generator offers a greater pressure range, altitude adjustment  Details »

Price: $370.00

Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle HC604 CPAP

The SleepStyle 604, with ThermoSmart is the first CPAP in the world to constantly deliver optimal humidification with anti-rainout benefits. ThermoSmart technology offers a unique heated breathing tube  Details »

Price: $495.00


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