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Humidifier, Water Chamber, Fittings

Respironics REMstar Heated Humidifier

REMstar Heated Humidifier

When we designed the REMstar Heated Humidifier System, we set out to create a fully integrated unit that didn't sacrifice the aesthetics and operability of the individual CPAP systems. The result: an integrated approach to heated humidification that's easy for patients to use.

All REMstar units operate with the same easy-to-use Heated Humidification System. The lighted controls are right on the CPAP, so they're always easy to find. And since the platform plugs into the CPAP, there's only one plug to go into the wall. What's more, the transparent water chamber is easy to fill, clean and care for so you get all the benefits of upgrading to heated humidification, without any of the hassles.

The easy-to-set up REMstar Heated Humidifier offers: Unique, tubeless design that works with the new REMstar family. Its simple rubber coupler connection provides secure contact between the water chamber and the CPAP. Clear, two-piece water chamber that's easy to fill and is dishwasher safe. A lighted humidifier control button on the CPAP unit makes adjusting humidification levels easy. Heater plate status light makes it easy to see when the humidifier is on or off. The Heated Humidifier plugs directly into the REMstar - so there is only one plug going from the CPAP to the wall outlet.

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