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Mask Frame, Cushion/Seal, Headgear

Respironics ComfortFull 2 *New*

More Comfort. More Durability.

With the revolutionary ComfortFull™ mask, we improved the lives of patients whose therapy was compromised by mouth breathing. Now, we've perfected the original by creating a more durable full-face mask with increased seal and comfort: ComfortFull 2.

The outer layer of the ComfortFull 2's dual-flap cushion features a soft, polished surface. This improves comfort, and provides a more reliable seal for better therapy delivery. Plus, the redesigned cushion and faceplate are now just one lightweight piece.

Additional product advancements include an entrainment valve with a new split washer for better swiveling of the elbow and a more secure and standardized connection. Plus, the ComfortFull 2 features a StabilitySelector TM that's easier to use.

With a full range of features, ComfortFull 2 provides you with the value of increased patient compliance, less callbacks or complaints, and a wide range of adjustability that allows for fewer sizes and less inventory. Translation: it's the best option available for full-face masks. Which is good for your patients. And great for your business.

The ComfortFull 2 has been designed to provide the comfort, seal and support patients need to maintain therapy compliance - especially those who find nasal masks unsuitable because of mouth breathing. And it sits lower on the nose , eliminating pressure on the nose bridge.

The ComfortFull 2 features:

All of which means that the ComfortFull 2 is the best option available for a full-face mask. That's good for patients - and for clinicians.

The ComfortFull 2, like all masks in the Comfort Series, is Latex Free.

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